Will Russia “Sanction” USA NGOs?

19 03 2014


The sanctions war with Russia is just beginning.

The US Pentagon has contractors, the CIA has black ops, and NSA has super spy technology.

The US Congress also has contractors and operatives — they are known as NGOS. The big ones publicly funded by the Congress include National Endowment for Democracy, US Institute for Peace, Woodrow Wilson Center.  There are also many masked ones with the funding made through cut-outs.  Most of these organizations in Washington are now controlled by Neocons, militarists, Israeli-connected Zionists, and persons being rewarded for their long-time service to the U.S. government.

It would be quite reasonable, and smart, if when the Americans “increase the cost” and “sanctions” the Russians responded against these contractor operative American NGOs.  They could for instance say that from now on all persons associated with US think-tanks and organizations substantially funded by the U.S. government will either be denied visas or have their movements and activities substantially curtailed at risk of arrest for violations.

Had this been done in Ukraine the thousands of American operatives and literally billions of dollars over many recent years would have been blocked or restricted and the extremely violent and carefully coordinated putsch would not have taken place.