TARGET IRAN – The Neocons Are Winning

20 03 2014


The Neocons and Israelis are winning!   With Saudi help they made a historic military counter-coup in Egypt.  On top of fracturing and destroying Iraq they are now doing the same to Syria.  With the Ukraine putsch that they organized and financed they forced Putin’s hand in Crimea and this in turn forced Obama’s — prying them apart so they can no longer even try to cooperate in the critical Middle East region to defy Neocon/Israel designs.

Just this week the Israeli/Jewish/Neocon Lobby orchestrated 83 Senators to join in a very public statement defying the basis of the negotiations with Iran and setting the stage for what is to come.  Beyond Syria and Lebanon, IRAN is the main target — which also means Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Palestine (Hamas).  Weakening and if possible bringing down Putin and recasting Russia as well is now the penultimate Neocon target as they pursue their major goal of total American supremacy over most of the world in century 21.

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