US + NATO Neocon Provocations Then and Now

21 03 2014

Lets cut through all the smoke and chatter and sum things up geo-politically.  With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the U.S. pushed NATO not to stand down but to expand.  12 new countries were added as NATO  pushed eastward to the border with Russia and sent armed forces against Afghanistan, Iraq, Serbia, Libya and Africa.   Russia was far too weak to respond but understandably began taking steps to prepare for times ahead.  Now with Syria and the Neocon-orchestrated anti-Russian putsche in Kiev the Russians have drawn their own red lines.

The Neocons play the long multi-year multi-decade in fact game.  Together with the Israel/Jewish Lobby, along with the West’s two top regional allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia, they almost got the US to directly intervene in Syria last year.   But with the surprise of the British Parliament and U.S. Congress both saying NO, the US pulled back at the last minute with Russian help.

Yet there is unrelenting pressure on Obama to cave in once again as he has done so many times before.  The Geneva Syria talks have failed, the so-called “Peace Process” is a gross deception, and the Iran negotiations will fail as well if the gross Neocon/Israel/Saudi demands prevail.  Everywhere Obama is being boxed-in and set-up — to a considerable extent his own doing having demonstrated such waffling and indecisiveness  so many times past.

For the Neocons, and their primarily Israeli connections, Ukraine is NOT simply about Ukraine.  It is also about maneuvering Obama into a corner where perceived further weakness will be less desireable than lashing out, and maneuvering Putin into a corner where  perceived further belligerance will be less desireable than relenting on Syria and abstaining on Iran while absorbing Crimea.

The Neocons always play for the biggest of stakes.   Now it’s not only the future of the Middle East but for the power to control the world in the decades ahead via an entangling alliance of US/EU/NATO/Israel/Saudis/GCC…with both China and Russia surrounded and checked   They are willing to even risk WWIII.

And so…the rest of us should not only be increasingly worried, we should be more determined than ever to check our own radicals, ideologues, and militarists before it is too late!