22 03 2014

[Gulf Cooperation Council flag]

Most unusual!   Just days before he was to meet with all the Monarch Dictators of the Arab Gulf — known as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) — the White House canceled!    Obama will be making a visit to Riyadh to see the Saudi Royals next Friday at the end of his European visit, but King Abdullah will now not be hosting all the other Kings and Emirs as expected.  The situations in “the Gulf”, as well as Ukraine, as well as with the “Peace Process”, on top of Syria, Egypt, and Iran, are all so dicey and confused now Obama no doubt worries what it is he has to tell the Arab potentates if they ask him any serious policy questions.  And Obama’s handlers are sure this time not to let Obama be photographed bowing to the Saudi King, not to mention to a whole room full of “Royalty”!

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Map indicating CCASG members.