FlashBack 15 Years – NATO bombs dismember Yugoslavia and risk WWIII

24 03 2014

It was exactly 15 years ago today that NATO, led of course by the U.S., began bombing  to break up what was Yugoslavia, official then Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.  Just a few years before the Soviet Union had collapsed and NATO was relentlessly moving to incorporate former Soviet areas into the western anti-Russia military alliance.

The U.S., and NATO bypassed the U.N. and created so-called “humanitarian” pretexts for forceably dismembering Yugoslavia and then Serbia.  The bombing campaign lasted 78 days!

It should be remembered, especially in view of what is happening these days in Ukraine, that there was almost a clash of Russian and NATO military forces a few months later.

Shortly after the bombing campaign ended the Supreme Allied Commander, an American, General Wesley Clark, ordered NATO forces to assault an airport in Kosovo being held by Russia forces.  But  the British General, Mike Jackson, commanding those forces refused to carry out the order telling Clark to his face “I’m not going to start the Third World War for you!”