TIME to END the “Special Relationship” with SAUDI ARABIA

28 03 2014


Usually the “special relationship” term means the US and Israel.   But it is the “special relationship” with the Saudis that should also now be brought to an end.

Together with the US, and increasingly in de facto alliance with each other, Israel and the Saudis control the Middle East through their hold on the U.S. using big money, covert actions, expensive weapons, oil supplied, petrodollars, and what is called intelligence.  In combination, the US/Israel/Saudi alliance has them all.

Problem is the Saudis are not only one of the most repressive, dictatorial, secretive, and backward countries in the world…they are as well a long-term albatross for the Americans.  With the Saudis as well as Israel the main U.S. allies in the critical Middle East region all American pretentions to democracy, freedom, and liberty ring hollow.  And as a result many of the peoples of the region, and beyond, despise and hate the policies of the U.S. government…and rightly so.

In recent years the Saudis have deviated from their long-term policy of trying to stay in the background and do things quietly.

  • They encouraged and fueled the counter-revolution in Egypt and are the principle financier of the far-worse-than-Mubarak Cairo Junta.
  • They invaded Bahrain to keep the Royals in power and put down the Arab Spring there.
  • They arm and finance the Islamic rebels in Syria and are responsible for bringing about the greatest civil war and greatest misery to the Arab world in modern history.
  • They keep urging the US and Israel to take down IRAN…”the head of the snake” says the Saudi King sounding like Natanyahu.
  • Repression, imprisonment, and torture at home are greater than ever to any and all who speak out.
  • And oh yes, top Saudis were involved in financing and encouraging 911…that part of the story has been classified top secret and totally covered up..

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