OBAMA must fire his international affairs SPEECH WRITER!

29 03 2014


Whoever wrote and is responsible for Obama’s major Brussels speech a few days ago needs to be fired or at least sent for “re-education”.  

He not only got Obama to remind the world about Iraq claiming that what Russia has done in Crimea is worse than what the US did in Iraq!  Oh my how crazy is that one!

He also got Obama to highlight what he proclaimed was an internationally accepted vote that took place in Kosovo, unlike what happened in Crimea according to Obama.  But, there was no such vote in Kosovo while there was quite an overwhelming one in Crimea!   Oh my how inept this one!

How tragic that we’ve reached a point where the speeches given by the President and Foreign Minister of Russia are usually more thoughtful and credible and fact-checked than those given by the President of Secretary of State of the United States!