31 03 2014


The first Bush vs Clinton was 1992.  By then the Bush family had already been in Republican Party politics for decades with Bush The First having held office as CIA Director, eight years as Reagan’s VP, and already four years as POTUS.   Then came the Clintons taking over Democratic Party politics.

Something is very wrong with the American political system!   Well, so many things actually!  Top of the list there is no real democracy in America and that is the genesis of all problems — rather there is an embedded in-bred two-party only super-money system that:

  • controls everything and refuses all others
  • hands out huge privileges and slush funds to both parties in many forms
  • is controlled by big money and mega corporations through a terribly corrupt campaign finance system
  • the big bankers and the military-industrial complex corporations are the real power behind the democracy facade
  • is a revolving door between serving in government and then cashing in with corporations who were served when in political office or military rank
  • rewards loyalty to party and financiers while penalizing honesty, conviction, and principles

Can it really be in a country that tries to portray itself as a real and vibrant democracy that such families and the small super-wealthy class that controls both parties are allowed to monopolize, extort, and exploit, all political and financial power?

Can it really be that once again a Bush and a Clinton are going to be the candidates in 2016?!

At the moment here in land of legalized corruption known as Washington DC that’s what the talk is all about!