US No Longer #1

30 04 2014

The Financial Times screams in its top headline today that the US has been replaced, years earlier than expected, by China as the #1 world economy.  Rich Chinese are now in fact the #1 buyers of top real estate in New York City.   Chinese students in the US are now greater in number than those coming from all the rest of the countries in the world.

Yet because of its fear-mongering political system and out-dated “Manifest Destiny” crusading psychology the Americans continue to act like bullies and imperialists throughout the world.  Just in recent days Obama has taken more military steps in the Pacific to further try to surround and contain China.  And with Russia, the US seems determined to return to the cold war, cast Putin as Hitler and Russia as a sanctioned pariah state — even after they themselves fomented the right-wing putsch in Kiev.  The American militarists remain determined to develop new expensive Star Wars weapons even as life in America for most citizens, other than the rich 1% that is, continues to deteriorate, and basic American infrastructure is crumbling.

Iraq and Afghanistan are exploding after American invasion and destruction.  An extremely repressive Egyptian junta has taken over in the largest Middle East country.  America’s other top Arab allies (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait) are fueling religious fanatics in Syria and beyond.   The U.S. comes across as grossly hypocritical, duplicitous, as well as confused, when it comes to Israel and the now further discredited “peace process” it  has misguidedly championed for so long.  And with Obama and team so weak and discredited, any lasting and stabilizing deal with Iran is likely to be blocked by a coalition of neocons, Israel and the Saudis.

Fashion your seatbelts!   Chaos, economic warfare, and more military proxy hot war now ahead…maybe even world war reaching unthinkable levels.  


Filipinos Chant: “No-bama, No bases, No war!”

29 04 2014

In Manila in the Philippines yesterday a vocal crowd paraded through the streets with several large figurine floats denouncing Obama and the United States.   The centerpiece of the protest was a large dog with the face of the Philippines President, Benigno Aquino III, and a chariot controlled by a figurine of President Obama.  The Obama effigy was set on fire symbolising the protest against the new  agreement that will send now send new American war planes, war ships, and personnel, to be “pre-positioned” there.

Clearly the target of the American military build-up is China.   And the escalating U.S. war preparations “pivot” is not only in the Philippines.  It is also throughout the Pacific region surrounding China from Australia, to Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea. 

The Chinese are well-aware that the American goal is to surround and contain, denying it regional hegemony in it’s own part of the world.  Add to this that with Russia the American goal now is economic war, enforced isolation, and pariah status. 

But the end-result may be a pyrrhic short-term success for the Americans as US policies are causing a growing Russia-China axis which will also give a lifeline to Iran and other countries in the world that are now determined to defy American domination.  And when it comes to economic warfare the whole world is going to be harmed, including Europe, and in the years ahead much of the world may join with Russia, China and the BRICS in dethroning the dollar and reducing US control of international institutions. 

The heydays of post-World War II American imperialism are over.  The Americans are once again harming their own longer-terms interests because of domestic political pressures and misguided confrontation policies.


27 04 2014

In 2007 Presidential candidate Obama was specifically asked:

“Would you make it a priority in your first year of office to reinstate net neutrality as the law of the land? And would you pledge to only appoint F.C.C. commissioners that support open Internet principles like net neutrality?”

Obama’s reply:

“The answer is yes.  I am a strong supporter of net neutrality.  What you’ve been seeing is some lobbying that says that the servers and the various portals through which you’re getting information over the Internet should be able to be gatekeepers and to charge different rates to different Web sites…. And that I think destroys one of the best things about the Internet—which is that there is this incredible equality there.”

And later during the Presidential campaign in April 2008 Obama had more to say:  

“The most important thing we can probably do is to preserve the diversity that’s emerging through the Internet…something called net neutrality. I will take a backseat to no one in my commitment to network neutrality.”

Now pushed hard by the corporations, wall-streeters, bankers, and big-money special interests, Obama and the Dem Commissioners on the FCC are promoting the idea of internet toll roads!  And if it goes through it will be the first major step to end that “incredible equality”, to “destroy one of the best things about the internet”, and to open the door to a kind of back-door corporate domination, if not outright control, of the internet.

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26 04 2014

More deceit and selling-out from Obama.  Owned as he and his party are by the big corporations, Wall-Streeters, and super-rich, Obama still tries to portray himself as a principled populist.  But even his much touted-health care plan is more deception than real serious change.  it’s origins are actually in right-wing think-tanks, the privatized health-care industry and HMOs, as well as what Romney did when Governor of Massachusetts.

Now Obama, who loudly proclaimed in years past the great importance of internet freedom and “neutrality”, is caving once again backing the setting up of Internet fast-lane toll roads that only the mega corporations will be able to afford.  And though he may have delayed the Keystone Pipeline matter till after this November’s mid-term election in all likelihood he will cave to that as well.

There’s still time to bloc this latest corporate take-over, this time they have controlling the internet in their sights, but it will require a real populist rebellion and this time Obama and his fat-cat cronies themselves need to be targeted, their hypocrisy and duplicity further exposed.


US Wants Russia to Invade Ukraine!

25 04 2014

The US is in a war now to maintain domination and overall control of world affairs.  This is the goal not only of the American Neocons (remember their PNAC document from 1997) but also of the Imperialists and closet Neocons — including Brezinski and so many others associated with the Democratic Party including both of Obama’s Secretaries of State as well as Defense.

That’s why the US actually wants the Russians to invade Ukraine…just as it did years ago when it pursued policies that caused the Soviet Union to invade Afghanistan, and just as it did, on the regional Middle East chessboard, when it pursued policies that caused Saddam of Iraq to invade Kuwait.

The recent visits to Ukraine of the head of the CIA, John Brennan, one of Obama’s closest advisers, and then this week VP Biden, were designed to encourage the Kiev regime to act in ways that are now further pushing Russia to intervene.

The overall goal is to isolate and weaken Russia through protracted conflicts that will drain Russian energy and resources, weaken the country economically, cause domestic tensions down the road for Putin, and engage Russia in a new military arms race…just as Reagan did with the Soviet Union of old.  Making Russia into a “pariah” State, breaking its relations with key European countries, and beefing up NATO in the process, are all the real goals of US policies.

In short, look not at what the Americans say — examine much more closely what the Americans actually do.

Isolating Russia and containing China are now the primary US goals in global world affairs — but this must be done in the nuclear age without direct superpower war.  Everything else, from Syria to Palestine to Egypt to more “free trade” agreements and “pivoting” in the Pacific, as well as international NSA spying and enhanced CIA clandestine warfare, has to be thought of now within this larger global neo-and-pseudo-warfare paradigm.


24 04 2014

World War IV is already underway.  But it is not a shooting war among big armies — not yet anyway.  It is more a continuation of World War III — better known as the “Cold War” — than of the two previous pre-nuclear era 20th century “World Wars”.

Nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction have created a world in which the great powers fight each other through clandestine methods, economic pressures, covert means, and proxie wars in which other countries are destroys and millions of other peoples die and suffer.

The list is considerable from Korea to Vietnam of yesteryear to Lebanon, Iraq, Serbia, Syria, Afghanistan et. al.   Now comes Ukraine.

Even a former American President is now on record boldly stating that the “U.S. is the #1 warmonger on earth” in a recent interview.

Top Whistleblowers gather at Georgetown University

23 04 2014


Post-Snowden Washington –

NO CONTACT with any Journalists about anything!

The country’s top Whistleblowers gathered at Geogetown University last night with a keynote talk by Daniel Ellsberg and a thoughtful opening address via internet from Glenn Greenwald.  The conference was titled appropriately “Beyond Orwell”.

What they had to say was extremely important all the way from the growing threat to basic personal freedoms, to how the Constitution has been blatantly and repeatedly violated, to the greatest challenges of all – Global Warming and Nuclear Weapons.

Former top CIA official and one-time Presidential briefer, Ray McGovern, also let it be known he himself has reached the conclusion that the most senior CIA, Pentagon and Secret Service officials in 1963 were in on the killing of President Kennedy!

Meanwhile the Obama Administration has taken unprecedented steps to bring even greater fear to any and all who might be tempted to leak about anything for any reason including their oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Beyond what the government has done to Snowden, Manning, Keriakou, Assange, et. al,, which would surely cause anyone thinking of becoming a whistleblower to hesitate and relent…now there is reason to fear even talking to journalists about anything!

As of 20 March employees of U.S. intelligence agencies are now barred from discussing with any journalist, without government advance approval,  any intelligence-related matter – even if it isn’t classified.  The new harsh Directive was issued by Director of National Security James Clapper, the same man who shamelessly lied to Congress just weeks before Snowden exposed what the USG is really doing.

Any intelligence agency employees who violate the new policy could suffer career-ending loss of security clearance or out-right termination, just based on suspicion.  And those who disclose classified information, willfully or inadventently, could face criminal prosecution.  Enforcement will be by more poligraphing, encouraging employees to monitor and snoop on each other, as well as more wiretapping and internal secret investigations.