3 04 2014

“Many times Kerry has said to me ‘OK, did you make the decision to strike?'” PM Erdogan with SecState Kerry

This quote is from the Turkish Prime Minister in a recent secret meeting with his Foreign Minister and Intelligence Chief as they were plotting a False Flag Operation to justify bombing/invading Syria via Turkey.

The plot was to manufacture a false flag attack on Turkish forces, blame it on the Syrians, use it as the excuse to start directly bombing Syrian forces and invade Syria to bring down the Assad-led Baath government.  And if they ran into trouble and couldn’t finish the job themselves they would invoke the NATO treaty and bring in NATO airstrikes a la Kosovo and Libya.

Already last year, preparing the way for this false flag, the US and NATO sent Patriot missiles and considerable more military hardware to Turkey.

Now, in a bombshell leaked conversation between PM Erdogan and his top officials we have proof that this was a plot in which the American Secretary of State was involved!   And no way Kerry would be doing this without Obama knowing and giving his OK as well!

The actual conversation can be heard at both MiddleEast.Org and