ABBAS and the “Peace Process”

4 04 2014

What is Abbas doing after all these years as collaborator-in-chief?  Here’s a quick summary.  He’s stretched things out for years now during which time he has accumulated power and money in Ramallah and imagery around the world.  He knows he’s a weak and illigitimate “President”, and even that for just a fraction of the Palestinian people.  Last time there was an election in 2006 Hamas won it fair and square.  Then Abbas and his cronies:

  • Encouraged the Israelis to arrest many of the newly elected Hamas members of Parliament and others
  • Worked with the Israelis to attempt a coup (which backfired) against Hamas in Gaza
  • Kept collecting more money and VIP extras from the Arabs, EU, as well as the US and Israel
  • Played more games at the U.N. pretending to have achievements even as the Israelis greatly expanded settlements and control
  • Got the Americans to further train and arm his police force to protect him and intimidate all rivals

Abbas has found one excuse after another to put off any new elections and he has simply stayed on in power armed/financed by the Americans and EU with everything being facilitated by the Israelis.  Now as Kerry said yesterday, with the horse having been brought to the water Abbas knows he is too weak to drink it.  So he is pivoting in ways that will make it possible for him to schedule a new vote appearing strong rather than weak, nationalist rather than quisling collaborator, even while whispering to the US, EU and Israel that he remains their best option and when “re-elected” he’ll then be able to drink and not die from the political poison (as did Arafat from real poison).