5 04 2014

The Americans are not really getting out of Afghanistan. What a debacle!  An invasion that never had to happen!  A stronger, more hardened, more determined, Taliban now than when the invasion began! The same secretive Mullah Omar in charge now along with Zawahiri of Al Qaeda!  And the Americans as well as the Kabul and Islamabad Governments all trying to “negotiate” in fact with the Taliban…i.e., the Afghanistan and Pakistan “resistance”! 

Add to this well over half a trillion dollars spent, so many lives destroyed, neighboring Pakistan “de-stabilized” with a population now extra hating the USA. 

And now, after a disastrous “surge” which Obama allowed as the new “Commander-in-Chief”, Afghanistan as well as Iraq is coming apart as the Americans half-leave half-stay.   Using the CIA, contractors, NGOs, USAID, as well as a “residual” Pentagon force the Americans are going to try to keep control of Afghanistan…or at least of Kabul.  After all Afghanistan is rich in resources and has an important strategic location next to Pakistan and Russia and China and Iran.  After all the US needs a place to fly all those killer drones from.  After all a new Cold War is underway with the Russians.  After all the Americans have to encircle and contain China…without saying so.  After all…