ISRAEL/JEWISH LOBBY Strikes again with Congress at IRAN

9 04 2014

The Iranians have appointed a long-time diplomat to be the new Iran representative at the United Nations.  Always eager to stir up tension and between the US and Iran, and with war preparations escalating, the Israeli/Jewish Lobby has instigated the Senate to pass a new law that would refuse a US visa to the Iran Ambassador calling him a “terrorist” going back to the days of the Iranian revolution and the US hostage crisis.  The House is likely to soon pass the same law and send it on to the President.  Obama will be under immense pressure not to veto it thus setting up another diplomatic crisis between Iran and the US.  Even if Obama were to veto, it’s like the Lobby could muster the votes through the usual tactics of fear and intimidation to override.

What to do? 

  • Iran should hold firm. 
  • The UN should challenge the US as a violation of the basic agreement about UN Headquarters and international law. 
  • If necessary the International Court of Justice should be asked for an immediate ruling. 
  • And if necessary the nations of the world should start planning for a new, let us say “neutral” location, for the United Nations.