East and West Ukraine – Russia has Vital Interests and History too!

13 04 2014

The Kiev, Ukraine Interior Minister said this morning “Anti-terrorist operation has started in Slaviansk. It is managed by Anti-terrorist Center of the Security Service of Ukraine. All the law enforcement agencies of the country are participating. God speed!  Tell all civilians to leave the center of town – don’t leave your apartment, or go to the window.”  Russian forces are prepared to intervene and may need to.   I wrote here on 26 February the following well in advance of what has since happened:

East and West Ukraine – Russia has Vital Interests and History too!

With the break-up of the Soviet Union and the end of the cold cold war, President Gorbachev thought he had a deal with the U.S. and the West to restrain themselves!  But that wasn’t to be.  Instead the Western countries pushed into Eastern Europe and former Soviet-bloc areas and rather than suspending expanded the role of NATO and the EU…continually encroaching on Russian interests and connected areas.   Then the US using NATO pushed military forces and missiles eastward toward the borders of the new Russian Federation.

The Americans have their Monroe Doctrine as well as Manifest Destiny.   Now the “New Russia” is reasserting itself and understandably so.  Ukraine is even more critical for Russia than Syria, far more so in fact.

Just a few years ago the US and EU were pushing hard for the breakup of Sudan.  South Sudan was born as a result and is today in such agony.   Now the US and EU are insisting Ukraine, unlike Sudan, cannot break up and Russia must not assert it’s critical interests right in its own backyard.    Worse yet the US and EU have been pursuing policies, both overt and clandestine, to rip Ukraine away from Russia’s sphere of influence and push it into their own, further encircling Iran at the same time as further weakening, potentially in fact crippling, Russia in the critical Black Sea and Mediterranean areas.

As a result of US and EU policies, the likely result is now going to be a divide into East and West Ukraine.  And in this case, even if Russia should use troops and other means in East Ukraine it will have ample justification…despite all the screaming and threatening that can be expected from the West, especially the neocon supremacists.