SAMSON arrives to Israel – compliments USA of course

14 04 2014

The Samson can fly close to the ground and land and take off on primitive airstrips.  The Israelis say it is of “decisive importance” and will allow Israel to execute “more complex missions, under any conditions, deeper [within enemy territory], faster and more clandestinely.”

Off the public and media radar the US is arming the Israelis for a major regional war designed to destroy Israel’s enemies —  which are also Saudi Arabia’s enemies and for which the Saudis too are being heavily armed.  The Saudis though are paying, the Israelis are getting.

The US has already coughed up a great deal to help Israel develop multiple layers of anti-missiles defense.  On top of this a vast arsenal of the latest super offensive weapons has been supplied to Israel and in some cases co-developed.  The Israel Lobby is now pushing that the recently produced super bunker busting bombings, those with 5 to 10 times the power of any previous bombs, be supplied to Israel to further “threaten” Iran.

And just in recent days the largest and most capable U.S. military transport airplane started arriving in Israel – the SAMSON – known in the US as the Super Hercules.  This in addition to the latest jet fighters and air refueling aircraft the Israelis need for the coming hot war with Iran, on top of Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine.