18 04 2014

Sometimes the slogan “let history be our guide” is apropo. When it comes to “Geneva Agreements” they almost always not only fail but are purposefully meant to delay and obfuscate.  Geneva is public diplomacy designed to mask both reality and more conflict preparations.

In the 1970s the US and Soviet Union made Geneva Agreements about Israel and the Arabs that are now all but forgotten.

In recent years there have been Geneva meetings and agreements about Syria but things have only gotten worse.

Not likely the Geneva Agreement of yesterday about Ukraine will bear fruit, and indeed both Obama and Putin in their public remarks yesterday seemed to be telegraphing their doubts and preparing for what’s really ahead.  Indeed yesterday Putin publicly talked of Ukraine as “New Russia” and of Russia’s “right” to intervene if necessary.  And the Americans went out of their way yesterday as well  to announce military “supplies” (but not “lethal” ones) to the Kiev regime, NATO troops and arms are moving east to the Russia border, and the CIA Director himself just went to Kiev…secretly until exposed by the Ruskies.

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