19 04 2014

What’s really going on?  First the US tried false flag ops against Syria, both last year and this, via Turkey and the Saudis, while pumping huge new supplies of arms and operatives into the region.  So far these have been exposed or blocked — thanks not only to Russia but the Brit Parliament, considerable public skepticism, and a few serious journalists.

In Ukraine the US has spent years and billions to break it away from Russia and get it attached to the EU and NATO.  Having failed it  fomented and fueled the violent right-wing Kiev putsch.  Now in recent days Obama has sent his right-hand covert operative, now the CIA Director, secretly to Kiev (until also exposed) to give the new regime help launching clandestine and military forces against the popular uprising in the Russian-speaking areas in the East and South.

But when the military assault got blocked — combination of people-power and Russian deterrence — the US bought time for it’s Kiev regime with the latest Geneva Agreement.

Under cover of the agreement the US is now rushing more military supplies to Kiev while preparing it’s regime there to use more political chicanery, covert operations, and when beefed-up and ready military power to prevent the East and South from holding referendums demanding at minimum major constitutional autonomy changes.  Blocking Russian intervention and buying time for Kiev to be strengthened is what the Geneva Agreement is really about.   But there is also Plan B.  Should the US-Kiev regime fail, and/or should such Russian intervention come in Ukraine — on Russia’s border and with such major historical connections — the US and NATO will then use it as the excuse to further encircle Russia and cripple it economically, isolate it from Europe, and eventually bring down Putin.

In the background loom also Syria and Iran with the US, Saudis and Israel all super eager to weaken Russian military and economic assistance to those countries, and then somehow block Russian deterrence making possible more overt US and NATO interventions against the regimes in those key countries.

As for the “Jews must register” flyer, it has all the signs of a political/psychological false flag op, quite possibly one that has both CIA and Mossad deeply covert assistance in close coordination with Kiev.   US officials including Obama and Kerry immediately started hyping it, even though it was from the start clearly a hoax, and in Israel they are loudly encouraging Ukrainian Jews to come on up (aliyah) to the Jewish homeland.  The Head of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky, himself a former Soviet Jewish “refusenik”, has openly bragged that he expects (and is now working overtime to bring about) much more Jewish emigration from Ukraine to Israel.