US Wants Russia to Invade Ukraine!

25 04 2014

The US is in a war now to maintain domination and overall control of world affairs.  This is the goal not only of the American Neocons (remember their PNAC document from 1997) but also of the Imperialists and closet Neocons — including Brezinski and so many others associated with the Democratic Party including both of Obama’s Secretaries of State as well as Defense.

That’s why the US actually wants the Russians to invade Ukraine…just as it did years ago when it pursued policies that caused the Soviet Union to invade Afghanistan, and just as it did, on the regional Middle East chessboard, when it pursued policies that caused Saddam of Iraq to invade Kuwait.

The recent visits to Ukraine of the head of the CIA, John Brennan, one of Obama’s closest advisers, and then this week VP Biden, were designed to encourage the Kiev regime to act in ways that are now further pushing Russia to intervene.

The overall goal is to isolate and weaken Russia through protracted conflicts that will drain Russian energy and resources, weaken the country economically, cause domestic tensions down the road for Putin, and engage Russia in a new military arms race…just as Reagan did with the Soviet Union of old.  Making Russia into a “pariah” State, breaking its relations with key European countries, and beefing up NATO in the process, are all the real goals of US policies.

In short, look not at what the Americans say — examine much more closely what the Americans actually do.

Isolating Russia and containing China are now the primary US goals in global world affairs — but this must be done in the nuclear age without direct superpower war.  Everything else, from Syria to Palestine to Egypt to more “free trade” agreements and “pivoting” in the Pacific, as well as international NSA spying and enhanced CIA clandestine warfare, has to be thought of now within this larger global neo-and-pseudo-warfare paradigm.