26 04 2014

More deceit and selling-out from Obama.  Owned as he and his party are by the big corporations, Wall-Streeters, and super-rich, Obama still tries to portray himself as a principled populist.  But even his much touted-health care plan is more deception than real serious change.  it’s origins are actually in right-wing think-tanks, the privatized health-care industry and HMOs, as well as what Romney did when Governor of Massachusetts.

Now Obama, who loudly proclaimed in years past the great importance of internet freedom and “neutrality”, is caving once again backing the setting up of Internet fast-lane toll roads that only the mega corporations will be able to afford.  And though he may have delayed the Keystone Pipeline matter till after this November’s mid-term election in all likelihood he will cave to that as well.

There’s still time to bloc this latest corporate take-over, this time they have controlling the internet in their sights, but it will require a real populist rebellion and this time Obama and his fat-cat cronies themselves need to be targeted, their hypocrisy and duplicity further exposed.