Filipinos Chant: “No-bama, No bases, No war!”

29 04 2014

In Manila in the Philippines yesterday a vocal crowd paraded through the streets with several large figurine floats denouncing Obama and the United States.   The centerpiece of the protest was a large dog with the face of the Philippines President, Benigno Aquino III, and a chariot controlled by a figurine of President Obama.  The Obama effigy was set on fire symbolising the protest against the new  agreement that will send now send new American war planes, war ships, and personnel, to be “pre-positioned” there.

Clearly the target of the American military build-up is China.   And the escalating U.S. war preparations “pivot” is not only in the Philippines.  It is also throughout the Pacific region surrounding China from Australia, to Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea. 

The Chinese are well-aware that the American goal is to surround and contain, denying it regional hegemony in it’s own part of the world.  Add to this that with Russia the American goal now is economic war, enforced isolation, and pariah status. 

But the end-result may be a pyrrhic short-term success for the Americans as US policies are causing a growing Russia-China axis which will also give a lifeline to Iran and other countries in the world that are now determined to defy American domination.  And when it comes to economic warfare the whole world is going to be harmed, including Europe, and in the years ahead much of the world may join with Russia, China and the BRICS in dethroning the dollar and reducing US control of international institutions. 

The heydays of post-World War II American imperialism are over.  The Americans are once again harming their own longer-terms interests because of domestic political pressures and misguided confrontation policies.