US No Longer #1

30 04 2014

The Financial Times screams in its top headline today that the US has been replaced, years earlier than expected, by China as the #1 world economy.  Rich Chinese are now in fact the #1 buyers of top real estate in New York City.   Chinese students in the US are now greater in number than those coming from all the rest of the countries in the world.

Yet because of its fear-mongering political system and out-dated “Manifest Destiny” crusading psychology the Americans continue to act like bullies and imperialists throughout the world.  Just in recent days Obama has taken more military steps in the Pacific to further try to surround and contain China.  And with Russia, the US seems determined to return to the cold war, cast Putin as Hitler and Russia as a sanctioned pariah state — even after they themselves fomented the right-wing putsch in Kiev.  The American militarists remain determined to develop new expensive Star Wars weapons even as life in America for most citizens, other than the rich 1% that is, continues to deteriorate, and basic American infrastructure is crumbling.

Iraq and Afghanistan are exploding after American invasion and destruction.  An extremely repressive Egyptian junta has taken over in the largest Middle East country.  America’s other top Arab allies (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait) are fueling religious fanatics in Syria and beyond.   The U.S. comes across as grossly hypocritical, duplicitous, as well as confused, when it comes to Israel and the now further discredited “peace process” it  has misguidedly championed for so long.  And with Obama and team so weak and discredited, any lasting and stabilizing deal with Iran is likely to be blocked by a coalition of neocons, Israel and the Saudis.

Fashion your seatbelts!   Chaos, economic warfare, and more military proxy hot war now ahead…maybe even world war reaching unthinkable levels.