KERRY – Hypocritical, Incompetent, and now DANGEROUS

1 05 2014

Monday, facing the result of his incompetent and hypocritical statements and policies, Obama’s Sec State Kerry ran to the Wall Street Journal to talk extra tough about Russia, even about war, and to backtrack his Israel “Apartheid” comment pledging once again total loyalty to Israel.

We have now a desperate and dangerous Kerry, on top of an isolated and sinking Obama, with talk that is confused, inaccurate, deceptive, and worst of all not even credible!

Facing what could be a crushing mid-term election with the Senate joining the House in Republican hands, the top American leaders are now even talking “hot war” trying to demonstrate their macho, and even risking “nuclear war” as the Russian and Chinese announce joint military exercises and the Americans rush fighter planes and troops to expanded NATO on Russia’s borders.

Said Russian expert and Princeton/NYU Professor Stephen Cohen last weekend — one of our country’s most knowledgeable foreign policy experts — because of how the U.S. is handing things this “could easily lead to nuclear war”!   Yes, sounds overly alarmist to me too.  But coming from Cohen, with U Chicago John Mersheimer seconding his concerns on the same program, this is not a matter to avoid taking most seriously.

Regardless of other considerations, It’s outrageous for American leaders to even be hinting in any way whatsoever at war with Russia!   What they should be doing is insisting over and over again at every possible opportunity, public as well as private, that such is unthinkable and that all possible steps at every level are always being taken to make sure there can never be an accident or misunderstanding or anything at all that could lead to such a result!

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