FAKE FARCICAL “ELECTIONS” – Cairo, Kiev, Kabul, Baghdad

6 05 2014


Later this month “elections” are to be held in Egypt and Ukraine.  What’s happening in the old American Cairo ally, and the newest one in Kiev, shows just how farcical elections can be.  Similar fake faux “elections” under US sponsorship have also just taken place in Kabul and Baghdad, further illustrating how the Americans love to use sham unreal “democracy” to justify their imperial designs.

In Egypt the Generals have all been trained and armed for a generation by the Americans.  Egypt is now ruled by an extremely repressive military junta which one day will be vilified and brought to account like the Juntas that once ruled in Chile, Argentina, Greece, et. al.   General Sisi, now wearing Saudi purchased suits and with his many contacts in the Pentagon, has emerged as Egypt’s flagrant dictator…far worse than Generals Sadat and Mubarak who came before him.

In Ukraine, the putsch regime brought to power and sponsored by the Americans, is a combination of neocon-inspired neo-fascist ultra-nationalists.  With US and EU help they have now created a far right-wing “National Guard” to control and kill Ukrainians, as the professional army would not, and to do Washington’s bidding “containing” and weakening Russia. 

All these American-designed “elections” are grossly deceptive and in each case designed to perpetuate civil conflict in each country enabling American remote control of one kind or another.   The CIA, Pentagon, and NSA, along with US-funded NGOs, think-tanks, and media, are all working in tandem to perpetrate this sordid state of affairs. 

Overall throughout the world, as a result of what the Americans have done and keep doing, a new coalition of non-aligned nations is growing, including the BRICS along with a growing de facto Russia/China alliance.  The world of the 21st century is acting and arming not in the news ways so urgently needed, but in the old ways so bloody and destructive in the past.