Sex Obsessed Muslim Dictators

11 05 2014

The happy royal couple of Brunei.

Qaddafi of Libya was a crazed sex addict sending his women procurer squads far and wide to constantly find him new virgin flesh.

The Sultan of Brunei however is the Gold Medalist when it comes to sex orgy virgin obsessions.

The Saudi royals, and many of the super wealthy Saudis who do their bidding, are high up there when it comes to paying big bucks for sexual exploits both at home and abroad.

Now that there’s a big Hollywood scandal having to do with the Sultan’s ownership of the Beverly Hills Hilton, a bit about the Sultan’s sexual obsessions and crazed ways is being leaked to embarrass him and convince him to sell.

But it’s all of us who should be embarrassed that because of their mega money and multi-level p.r. teams we’ve not focused much more on exposing the gross wanton deprivations engaged in by largely Arab and Muslim royals and dictators — expoits that put Berlesconni’s bunga bunga parties in the minor leagues and make Bill Clinton look kind of innocent.  And there are hardly any human rights organizations looking out for the welfare of the many young women who are rounded up by the top-level pimps and wisked away to the lavish palaces and hotels of the super-rich royals and dictators.

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