USA GUILTY – Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, Palestine

12 05 2014

The USA and Middle East allies brought about the Syrian Civil War, training, arming, financing, radicals and mercenaries — this on top of destroying Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years.    To date the Syrian regime backed by Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, et. al., is “winning” — though at the cost of destroying much of the country, killing large numbers, making millions refugees.  Expect US escalation soon.

In Ukraine the Americans spent a decade and some $5 billion for NGOs, propaganda, agents, contractors and maybe most importantly CIA black ops, to topple the pro-Russian government with the goal of bringing Ukraine over to the EU and NATO and thus further surrounding and isolating Russia.  Then when the Kiev putsch brought about a backlash the Americans are now financing thousands of right-wing neo-fascists “National Guard” along with hundreds of Blackwater-type former military turned high-paid mercenary “contractors” — run by and paid by the CIA.  Just before the recent military attacks on cities in Eastern and Southern Ukraine the CIA Director and VP Biden both went to Kiev to dramatize and coordinate US support.  The CIA visit was supposed to be “secret” but John Brennan got outed by the Russians.

Just a quick mention at the moment of Egypt and Palestine.  Same US role in these countries in fomenting civil wars — though these cases both have quite long and complex history making analysis and understanding even more difficult.