PEACE FRAUD! Amb Wilcox and his Foundation for Middle East Peace

16 05 2014

Amb. Phil Wilcox (ret.)

Amb. Phil Wilcox (ret.)

“Wilcox is very bad and very unimpressive.  It (the Foundation) should be brought to an end.  I told that to the Board years ago.  We should give away the remaining money and close it down.  It has become worthless. I should have resigned long ago!”       

         Landrum Bolling, Senior Board Member

WASHINGTON SCENE:   Actually it’s worse than worthless, it’s a fraud that gives “peace” organizations a bad name!

Wilcox is retired Ambassador Phil Wilcox, a traditional double-dipping simple-minded type who specializes year after year in repeating trite “peace” slogans while stuffing Foundation money in his and friends pockets as he runs FMEP into the ground and collects his State Dept retirement as well.  After many years of petty incompetence and waste Wilcox is about to make his second retirement.  Problem is he’s looking for another successor just like himself to keep a now hopeless “peace” foundation alive.

FMEP was set up years ago by a wealthy well-meaning attorney friend of Senator William Fulbright after they traveled together to the Middle East in the years after the Six-Day War.   In his day Merle Thorpe took some bold steps and ran the Foundation from the prestigious offices of Hogan and Hartson in downtown Washington.  Then after his death the millions he endowed FMEP with have been squandered by Wilcox and an aging naive Board of Directors too timid and grossly uninformed to do its job.  The worst mistake of all was entangling the once independent Foundation with a much larger State Department controlled and corrupted operation, the Middle East Institute.

A typical FMEP “event”, time after time, goes like this:   After repeatedly contacting everyone they know, and that includes often getting three or more other co-sponsor organizations, after paying for a room at the Carnegie Endowment and giving everyone a little free lunch, about 60 stragglers come to hear another talk about the “Two-State Solution”.  Half of the audience are elderly retired folk with nothing else to do, a few organizational types show up to be called on by name by Wilcox as they ask repetitive soft-ball questions, and a few student  interns show up having no idea what’s going on.

Why fraud?   The serious think-tanks and organizations in Washington have influence and power; what they do is of interest to the political establishment in Washington, to students, and to the media.   Not so FMEP and its associated organizations which include groups called Churches for Middle East Peace and Americans for Peace Now.

Get that consistent seductive “Peace” theme in their names do you?

Wilcox never asks himself, or lets anyone else ask for that matter, why nobody other than his  same old crony friends even bother to come.  Nearly always not a single Palestinian, not a single Arab in fact, shows up though the themes are nearly always about Palestinians,  Israel, U.S. policies, and “peace”.

Rarely does anyone  from the media…mainstream or anything else for that matter…show up as well.   Furthermore, in an event last year all about the oh-so-important “Peace Process”, there was not a single mention of Congress, AIPAC, Neocons, Israeli/Jewish/Zionist Lobby, the Wall, or even Refugees.  Even the Arab Spring, Egypt, and the tumult in the region were only mentioned in the last minute!

Fraud, Scam…there are worse words for such self-serving hypocritical incestuousness fostered by Wilcox and his buddies.   How tragic all the money and time have been so  squandered by so much bumbling and blathering which in the process has so diminished and discredited the very word “Peace” in Washington.