19 05 2014

DC_WP.jpg  So many problems over the years as the Washington Post has more and more become a kind of liberal neo-con mouthpiece, on foreign policy matters aligning more and more not only the government but with the right-wing neo-cons.

Sunday’s WAPO front page, the newspaper now owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bazos, was such an example of journalistic error to make one wonder even more than usual what’s going on!

Taking up more than half of the front page, with a huge picture, is a story about a young tennis player in the Washington area who may be headed to stardom.  Meanwhile, obscurely at the bottom, dwarfed by the tennis story, is an article about how Russia and NATO are on a collision course and a really important story about  “The Great Society” half a century after LBJ.

The problem here is not that WAPO published a story about the tennis prodigy.   The problem is the extraordinarily excessive emphasis given the story at a time when what is happening in the country, as well as the world, deserves the banners and the focus.

Had the big featured story been about climate warming with a picture of what to expect for Miami, New York City, and coastal cities around the world, I would have applauded.

The tennis story could have been in the magazine, it’s a human interest story with a local angle.  But to dramatize it so on the Sunday front-page is journalistic malfeasance.