EGYPT – Junta, Saudis, Americans and Israelis

23 05 2014

“The economy is failing. The coup can’t lead the country in this form. The state will collapse. They can’t keep hitting the protests, arresting and killing people for two years. It’s impossible.”

For decades the Egyptian Army hid behind a faux civilian government even though it always had one of its own re-dressed from General’s Uniform to Tailored Suit as President – Nasser, Sadat, Mubarak.  Pretending to be beyond politics and the Army of the people was a major goal of the Egyptian Military who, along with their friends, are the privileged and wealthy elite with the masses suffering in squalor.

For even more decades the populist group founded in 1928 and known as The Muslim Brotherhood organized, gained support, took care of the people with hospitals and schools and social programs, and always religiously denounced violence.

With the rebellion that brought down Mubarak, behind-the-scenes the military, aided by the Americans, attempted to replace him with another of its own.  But then in the first and only free and fair Egyptian election, even after the “Deep State” refused to allow their top candidate to run, the Brotherhood won both the Presidency as well as the Parliamentary vote.

Now the facade is gone, all those elected have been imprisoned, killed, exiled, and the Brotherhood itself banished. The Military Junta rules Egypt with even greater repression, imprisonment, torture and killing.  General Sisi — trained and backed by the Pentagon — has taken control with the mind-set and arms of a thuggish Dictator.  Like the Greek, Chilean, and Argentina Juntas of the past, the Egyptian Generals rule now, but the criminal Junta will be brought to account in the future.

In view of what the Junta Generals have done, Sisi’s “election” in a few days is a ludicrous farce.  Egypt is now ruled, but not governed, by a brutal military regime sans masks and without legitimacy.   Furthermore, it is the Saudis, Americans and Israelis who have made it possible.  It is they who also thus bear fateful responsibility for the increasingly dark bloody days now ahead in the land of the Pharaohs…and in fact throughout the region.