28 05 2014

Once again, but in such a new way, the Egyptian people have defied the Generals and the Military Junta that rules them.   After all the propaganda, after extending at the last minute the voting to 3 days, after giving everyone a voting holiday and free transportation, and also after threatening a big fine for anyone who didn’t vote, Egypt’s polling stations are practically empty.   No matter what the Junta government says in the days ahead, the pictures, the imagery, and the realities, are already evident.

First he seized power in a military coup.  They he murderously massacred  thousands of his own people.  Then he brutally arrested and tortures thousands more.  Then he declared the most popular political movement in Egypt which had in fact last year won not only the Presidency but the Parliament a “terrorist organization”.  Along the way he has arrested journalists and young activists and accused them of also being or aiding terrorists!   And oh yes, he also promoted himself to Field Marshal!  Talk about megalomaniac and narcissistic behavior!   Add to that criminal!

But after all this, after taking total control of the media, after billions from the Saudis, after promoting himself far and wide day in and day out, the sham “election” has backfired on Sisi and on the Junta,