SISI Lost! Egyptian Junta Exposed!

2 06 2014

Field Marshal transformed from uniform to suit into President Sisi actually lost last week’s election…lost that is in the only way possible…the majority of people said NO to voting for him.

First of all the whole thing was rigged from the beginning.  The military Junta has jailed all the real political opponents along with 40,000 supporters, and everyone else lives in fear in today’s Junta Egypt.  The Junta, along with super-rich Mubara-era hangers-on and the media they control, coupled with Saudi billions, pulled out all stops for Sisi’s coronation “election”.  They failed miserably!

Only one minor playing-the-game candidate put his name on the ballot trying to give Sisi a not-very-credible fig-leaf of minimal legitimacy.

When few turned out turned out to vote a week ago, last Monday, Sisi quickly declared the next day a holiday, transportation free, and extra hours for voting even though most polls were empty.

When few turned out to vote on Tuesday Sisi panicked and a few hours after the polls closed declared still another day of voting.  When few turned out on day #3 Sisi did what he could to cook the books claiming some 46% of registered votes had voted and more than 90% for him.

The Egyptian Junta that now rules Egypt, and those hang-overs from the Muburak era who serve it, has been served notice by the people of Egypt.  It’s days are numbered.  The  Junta Generals have already failed.

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