Abbas PA in turmoil – all credibility lost

13 06 2014

These are the leaked words of the man known as the “Chief Negotiator” for the Palestinian Authority for more than 20 years!

About the Israeli Prime Minister:

I don’t say shoot him [Netanyahu]. He isn’t worth the bullet … he’s ideologically corrupt, I’ve known him for 31 years…  He’s a despicable, filthy war criminal!

About “President” Abbas – the US/Israeli choice for head of the PA after the stealth assassination of Arafat:

Quite honestly, the Arabs don’t believe [him], they either doubt [him] or attack [him].    It seems like he wants to become like Bashar Assad or Saddam Hussein.  This way of thinking is useless.   They [the Israelis] humiliate [him] and the Arabs don’t believe [him].”.   Abbas has lost his credibility not only domestically and with the Israelis, but also in the larger Arab world!