HEBRON – Historical Travesty known as “Peace Process”

17 06 2014

There’s an important article about Hebron and Shuhada Street featured at the top of MiddleEast.Org today.

Read and get angry…very angry!  This is what Bill Clinton and the “Peace Process”, followed by Sharon and Bibi, have done to the city of Hebron, burial site of the common ancestor of both Arabs and Jews, Abraham.  The main architect of this travesty, back in 1996, was senior Israeli AIPAC Lobbyman, then senior U.S. govermental official, Dennis Ross.

The American-sponsored Israeli-choreographed “peace process” has been a disaster on so many levels in so many ways.  And not only in Palestine, but with ramifications throughout the region where just in recent years millions are dead, countries have been destroyed, radicalism has been fueled, and great treasure in both money and credibility has been squandered.