OBAMA TWISTS and TURNS – More Bombs and Boots for Iraq

18 06 2014


Obama’s credibility is at an all-time low…even lower than that of Bush and Cheney in their finale years.  Most importantly, far more Americans do not believe Obama can recover and lead the nation than think he can’t.   And that explains Obama now sending the special forces to Libya to get the Benghazi attack “mastermind”…something which could have been done at anytime.  The guy has been interviewed by many journalists and was at home where everyone knew his whereabouts.   

As for Iraq…   Yesterday what is said to be Obama’s favorite think-tank, The Center for American Progress, came out with a rush-prepared report encouraging renewed American bombing in Iraq, this time to defeat the popular Sunni uprising and try to save the Shia Government aligned with Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah!  Oh my!  Long complicated confusing entangled story…

Actually this is only one of Obama’s favorite think-tanks.  There’s Brookings, aka Saban Center, where his National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, spent so man years.    There’s J Street when it comes to Israel and liberal Jews.  And taking up more talking-head time for the establishment media there are The Wilson Center (Congress) and US Institute for Peace (State Dept) and others with more lesser government and masked funding.

Oh yes, what about that many times repeated pledge about Iraq that there would be no more  “Boots on the Ground”.   Now the excuse, the subterfuge, is sending more hundreds of “non-combat” troops to further guard the Embassy and be ready for “any contingency”.  Beyond that there are the hundreds if not thousands of plain “clothes contractors” and CIA-connected guys and girls — new war-fighting ones being rushed in while other “non-essential” ones are being evacuated out.

Oh Obama!  What you could have been had you not allowed yourself to be a foreign policy liberal neocon!   After you start bombing again Iraq what’s next?  Syria, Yemen, Pakistan?   And when it comes to your human rights commitments (remember that Cairo Speech of yours not to mention the Nobel Peace Prize) just look at what you are supporting in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel…Ukraine…and the list goes on.