NEOCONS want to “refix” Sykes-Picot from Med to Gulf

21 06 2014

“The whole Sykes-Picot established political structure from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf is going to have to be somehow re-fixed.”          

   – Paul Bremer, Bush/Cheney-appointee in Baghdad after the invasion


Bremer was a lesser-known Neocon when he was appointed after the Iraq invasion to take over in Baghdad.  It was he who insisted, against the advice of most experts, to totally disband the Iraq army.   He along with Bush and Cheney, Wolfowitz and the Neocons.  is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands and the destruction of the country.   He and his colleagues set the stage for what is happening today.  That Bremer is still being interviewed as an authority on the BBC (where he made the above statement earlier this week) is in itself outrageous…when in fact he fits the classical definition of “war criminal”.

Bremer in Baghdad 2003