The end of SAUDI Arabia?

27 06 2014

And so the choice of Muqrin, a British-educated fighter pilot who has close ties to the United States, (to be the future King) had at least some logic. A relatively youthful 69, he could be king for years, deferring the tricky question of how to transition to the next generation… But the job of deputy has never existed before. Moreover, the naming of Muqrin skipped over at least two other brothers.

     “What happened was against Islam, and against the whole history of Saudi Arabia. There is no such thing as a deputy crown prince,” said the former Saudi official, who supports Ahmed, one of the older brothers.  “Muqrin will potentially be the weakest king in Saudi history,” said one Western diplomat. “He is not from the first ranks of the royal family, he has no constituency and he will have to ride herd on a lot of powerful princes.” 

Each year since 9/11 the House of Saud has moved closer to its end – long overdue actually.  The British/US plot to control the oil, and then the petrodollars, of the Middle East by keeping the Saudi family in charge of Arabia was quite a success for the West for a few generations.  But now the end is in sight.  Read today’s article about the coming King succession crisis at MiddleEast.Org and check daily for critical info and analysis.