General Obama fighting in Syria and Iraq!

1 07 2014

Obama is now sending arms and money, in addition to training and ‘intelligence’, to ‘moderate’ Islamic rebels in Syria to take down the secular Baath Damascus regime.  At the same time he’s also sending ‘troops’, arms, and ‘advisers’ to the Shia Regime in Baghdad that is in danger of falling to the ‘radical’ Islamic rebels who are headquartered in Syria.

Get it?  What a situation!  In Iraq the Americans are now aligned with Russia and Iran who are also helping Baghdad with arms and advisers.  And in Syria, now part of the new Caliphate of the Islamic State say the rebels, the Americans are desperately trying to prop up the ‘moderate’ Islamic forces against the ‘radical’ Islamic forces who have the upper hand and who are now fighting with captured American weapons and money!