RUSSIA Takes on US by going for economic jugular

4 07 2014

Most recently the Americans fomented the coup in Kiev, have surrounded Russia with NATO military forces, and are using economic sanctions to weaken the now partially dismembered Soviet Union of old. They did Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, now they are doing Syria and Yemen.    With the “Pacific Pivot” they aim to surround and contain China.  Indeed the Americans now have military bases in eight Asian countries with some 80,000 troops of their own, while pushing no-longer pacifist Japan to expand its military might.

But the rest of the world is not powerless and America is not invulnerable.  While anti-US Arab and Muslim forces are on the march in the Middle East that the West has quasi-occupied and dominated for the past 100 years, attempts to weaken the US economically are also underway beyond Osama Bin Laden’s professions he would drain away the money, energy, and credibility of the Americans.   Consider this plan being promoted by the Russians:

On June 10th, Sergey Glaziev, Putin’s economy advisor published an article outlining the need to establish an international alliance of countries willing to get rid of the dollar in international trade and refrain from using dollars in their currency reserves. The ultimate goal would be to break the Washington’s money printing machine that is feeding its military-industrial complex.

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