US and UK determined to take Damascus

8 07 2014

From Europe to the Middle East to Asia, the US and the West remain determined to keep the world under their control.

From the coup/putsch in Ukraine, to the chaos/death in the Middle East, to the pivot/surrounding of China, the US and the West continue their campaign/crusade to keep the world under their domination.

The US and UK and NATO are the primary players.  Increasing China and Russia — along with BRICS and SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Org) — are part of the backlash.

The West loves to use p.r. slogans about “freedom” and “democracy”, but in so many locations they bring death and destruction.   And thus everywhere they go they create backlashes which they love to term “terrorism”.  Then they manipulate fear of “terrorism”, which is in so many cases understandable resistance,  to  get more money, guns, and power for their own militarists, imperialists, and neocons.

Just now it’s leaking out much more about what the US and UK have tried to do in Syria.

“The UK drew up plans to train and equip a 100,000-strong Syrian rebel army to defeat President Bashar al-Assad, BBC Newsnight can reveal. The secret initiative, put forward two years ago, was the brainchild of the then most senior UK military officer, General Sir David Richards…

While it was thought to be too radical at the time, US President Barack Obama said last week he was seeking $500m funding to train Syrian rebels – an echo of Lord Richards’ plan…

Once the Syrian force was ready, it would march on Damascus, with the cover of fighter jets from the West and Gulf allies.

The plan envisaged a “shock and awe” campaign, similar to the one that routed Saddam’s military in 2003, but spearheaded by Syrians.”

So far they have failed to take Damascus/Syria and they are loosing Baghdad/Iraq/Afghanistan.   As a result they are stepping up the flow of money and arms to their mercenaries and agents.  In the process the whole Middle East region is becoming inflamed.   And with Russia and Iran determined to resist, and China playing its own careful counter game, the risks of a historic Middle East war and even beyond are escalating.

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