11 07 2014

Obama called Merkel the other day — he wanted coordination dealing with Putin and Ukraine from the Germans.   But no one had bothered to tell POTUS that a few days before a CIA agent had been caught in Berlin and Merkel was furious…again.   So Obama said nothing about this — no explanation, no appology — only adding to Merkel’s fury.  Shortly thereafter the German’s took the unprecedented step of very publicly expelling the CIA Station Chief…about which apparently Merkel decided not to discuss in advance and tell Obama either.

This is hardly the first time Obama has been caught unknowing, uncaring, unprepared, or confused.   Not that long ago he fired the CIA chief, Petraeus, replacing him with his personally close White House adviser John Brennan.  Every morning the President gets a top-secret eyes-only CIA briefing.  Yet either no one told him something very important regarding a top allied country, and/or his top staff didn’t properly prepare for his call to Merkel, and/or Obama forgot.

All in all it’s called incompetence.   And when dealing with such others as Putin and Netanyahu, not to mention Merkel, such missteps don’t go unnoticed and unresponded to.