Gaza Bombed EVERY 5 Minutes – US complicitous and guilty

12 07 2014

For the past 5 days the Israelis have used the most sophisticated war planes, war ships, and battlefield artillery — most supplied and paid for by the USA — in the latest attempt to collectively torture the Palestinians into submission.

Make no mistake — this is another of America’s proxy wars — regardless of what American officials say in front of the cameras.  Without US arms and funds, coupled with sui generis ongoing covert and political support, what the Israelis are doing now and have done for decades would not have happened and would not continue to be possible.

Each is different, with varying histories and dynamics, but in all cases — Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan Ukraine, Bahrain, Jordan, Yemen, Pakistan, Saudi — the US is using proxy, sometimes mercenary, forces to do the “boots on the ground” fighting for them.  The case of Israel however is unique in that the Israeli/Jewish lobby is the most powerful political/media force in the US and they are able to use and manipulate the U.S. like no other.