The people, disunited, will always be defeated

13 07 2014

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For years Palestinians and their friends have occasionally demonstrated at times of crisis to rightly display their anger and rage.  Always one hears the chant:  “The people, united, will never be defeated”.   Such was the case at the Israeli Embassy on Friday and at the White House yesterday.

Those who come to these events are usually the most committed, the most passionate, young, and with little experience in the ways of Washington.   Friday and Saturday there was a sprinkling of anti-Zionist Jews and  a few Arabs from other countries who got extra applause when they spoke out  mentioning coming from Egypt and Tunisia.   In numbers there were maybe at most two or three hundred.

They surely have justice on their side, and many of the other slogans made that point well.   One of the speakers gave a list of “Which country did this” questions, the audience dutifully and quite rightly shouting Israel in answer over and over.

But for those who have been in Washington over the years it was evident that though the demonstrators know how to scream and shout they do not know how to organize or have impact.   They don’t even know how to get in touch with the press, how to hold a press conference, how to even get their many concerned fellow citizens to join with them at such a critical time.

Moreover, tragically, they are totally disunited and so they are being totally defeated.  Not only by the overwhelming military power of the Israelis and by the vast Israeli/Jewish Lobby ability to overwhelm them by controlling American politics and media, but also by themselves.

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