Foolish, Pathetic, Impotent Obama

30 07 2014

Obama said yesterday he “means what he says”!  Think of this as Jon Stewart or SNL sarcasm rather than POTUS even taking himself seriously!    When it comes to Israel Obama has proved to be a foolish, pathetic, impotent President.  He has armed and financed the “Jewish State” more than any American President; yet now they ignore and belittle him, disregard and disrespect him, insult and slander him.

Obama has repeatedly said this and that yet the Israelis have in fact done just the opposite — settlements, fanaticism, apartheid.   Now as the Israelis directly massacre Palestinians worse than ever day and day — and all done with never-ending American weapons, money, and support regardless of what Obama says — the Israelis are telling Obama quite publicly to go away and “leave us alone” (see fully story today at MiddleEast.Org).

While preparing to run for President Obama became the darling, and the captive, of the rich liberal Zionist Jews in Chicago — the Pritzkers, Klutznicks, Saltzmans, Kovlers, et. al.  Upon his election this wing of the Israeli/Jewish Lobby quickly morphed into J-Street and Americans for Peace Now.  They got Obama to front for their duplicitous, poisonous, no-longer-existing-in-reality “Two-State Solution” that makes them feel other than hypocrites and racist apartheid-promoters.   Also, during the campaign in June 2007, Obama met privately with the Board of Directors of AIPAC, the infamous right-sector wing of the Israeli-Jewish Lobby, agreeing to play their game as well and appoint their own to key White House and Middle East policy positions — Rahm Emanuel, Dennis Ross, Martin Indyk, et. al.

Now, having fomented the right-wing neo-fascist coup in Kiev, to which a repeatedly provoked Moscow understandably reacted, Obama is busy sanctioning Russia and implementing key parts of the neocon agenda.  But he not only refuses all sanctions on Israel he keeps fueling their killing machine and preparing them for a far greater regional war to take down Syria, Iran, Lebanon and now the IS — even risking igniting whatever new kind of WWIII could result (actually already begun).

To repeat…what a foolish, pathetic, foreign policy incompetent President Obama when it comes to matters Middle East and geo-political.    Plus Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen are all now in vicious civil wars — all American instigated and propelled.  Egypt is now ruled directly by a grossly repressive military Junta — also US trained and armed.  Pakistan is on the brink filled with anti-U.S. hatred.  Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan — all more bastions of repression with giant US military and clandestine CIA bases everywhere — are collecting bulking up buying more than $100 billion in arms from the gorging US military-industrial complex.

….I’m not finished…  Much more to say about all this….  But not today…