What Israel, the U.S., and World Jewry have done to Gaza

6 08 2014


If what Israel has just done in recent weeks to the people of imprisoned Gaza Gheto had been done to the people of the United States the following comparable statistics.   And remember this is all done with the arms, money, and support of the United States and most of  World Jewry…clearly making them fully complicitous in the genocide.

  • Dead:    325,000
    Injured:    1.5 million
    Houses Destroyed:    5 million
    Displaced Persons:    50 million
    Hospitals Bombed – 24
  • Schools Bombed – 160
    U.N. Facilities Bombed – 6

Today the 1.7 million people of Gaza, Palestine, live in a destroyed everywhere-surrounded open-air prison.  There is little electricity or clean water or functioning medical care.   What has been done to them is a modern-day massacre of the native population carried out in front of the world with U.S. weapons and assistance and a propaganda war conducted on Israel’s behalf by most of the Jewish organizations in the US and around the world.