US brings mass death, genocide, and end to IRAQ

8 08 2014

There is critical history before 1980 going back to the Ottoman Empire and the creation of Iraq and the “Modern Middle East” by the Western Colonial Powers after WWI at the Paris Peace Conference, the notorious “Peace to End all Peace”.   Furthermore, because of the overall super-alliance between the US and Israel, and the domination of the Israeli/Jewish Lobby in Washington on all matters relating to the Middle East, everything the US has done in the region for generations now has been heavily influenced, often-times guided, by the Israelis.

1980 – US encourages and helps Saddam of Iraq to attack Iran and try to undo the Iranian revolution – millions die and injured

1980s – US makes Saddam new strong man of the region now that the Shah is gone and no longer plays that role.   US supplies money, “intelligence”, and chemicals for weapons used by Saddam against Iran.

1990 – US tricks Saddam to invade Kuwait and then turns on him

1991 – US tricks Saudi King, sends troops to Saudi Arabia, and launches war on Iraq/Kuwait

1990s – US repeatedly tries to topple Saddam, imposes sanctions and no-fly zones, and according to most senior UN official brings “genocide” to Iraq – millions die and injured.

1998 – Clinton heavily bombs Iraq as Neocons push for invasion

2001 – Neocons immediately urge Bush/Cheney to invade Iraq after 9/11, but first US invades Afghanistan preparing for Iraq

2002 – US Secretary of State blatantly lies to U.N. Security Council and world pushing to get U.N. endorsement for attacking Iraq, but UNSC refuses.

2003 – US “shock and awe” invasion begins toppling Saddam and secular Baath regime – millions die and injured

2004 – US imposes new regime on Iraq and country begins to fracture into three regions

2011 – US finishes withdrawing combat troops leaving CIA and contractors and largest US fortified Embassy in the world

2013 – Iraq further breaks into regions, Kurdistan goes its own way more than ever, and resurgent radicalized Sunni Islamic forces take control of vast regions in Iraq and Syria

2014 – Obama begins new bombing campaign

End result – a million+ dead, many more millions injured, many more millions refugees, many more millions “internally displaced”, once proud country the most advanced in education and health care and secularism in the region, now radicalized and destroyed.

End result – US credibility in the world destroyed; $2 trillion war, much borrowed from China and others, has weakened US financial stability, the country of Iraq and the region surrounding it disintegrating in escalating chaos,  revolution, and anarchy; US covert wars now region-wide via CIA, drones, and contractors.