Damn “American and World Jewry” !

17 08 2014

How dare they!  The damning actually is not of “American and World Jewry”.  It is of the current leaders of the the organizations known as The World Jewish Congress and the  Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations for claiming that they speak for “American and World Jewry”!

If Americans and Jews like myself don’t condemn these organizations and insist they DO NOT represent many of us, maybe most of us, then we ourselves become complicit and we ourselves lose the real heritage we have as Americans and as Jews.

Here is the “Open Letter” being published now by the WJC and Conference of Presidents in association with the Israeli Government:

An Open Letter to the Israel Defense Forces

Thank you for your service and sacrifice on behalf of the Jewish State and Jewish Nation.

We thank the leaders and members of the Israel Defense Forces for their courage, commitment, and humanity in the battle against Hamas and other terrorist organizations that constantly and deliberately endanger civilians in Gaza and Israel. We remember those who fell and their families and pray for the quick recovery of those who were injured.

A grateful American and world Jewish community thanks you.

We are one people with one heart.

World Jewish Congress Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
Ronald S. Lauder, President
Robert Singer, CEO
Robert G. Sugarman, Chairman
Malcolm Hoenlein, CEO

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