Kurdistan and Iraq Air Force – Made in USA

19 08 2014

The Americans have destroyed Iraq killing 1+ million in the process as well as fomenting the Islamic State now armed with captured U.S. weapons!   Millions more injured, millions more made refugees!  Now the American President speaks openly of how the U.S. Air Force is bombing the Sunni Islamic extreme fighters on behalf of the Shia regime in Baghdad and the Kurdish regime in the north…i.e., the country still exists on the map but has been partitioned in reality further balkanizing the entire Middle East region on behalf of the still-invading West.  Indeed, it is the same Western countries now rushing to further arm Kurdistan and bomb the natives that originally plotted to divide up the Middle East with Sykes-Picot and bring about a Jewish State to take over Palestine nearly a hundred years ago – UK, France, U.S.