Age of Beheadings Begins

20 08 2014

The age of suicide bombers began after the Israeli/US invasion of Lebanon in 1982 with the rise of Hezbollah.   The age of terrorism began decades earlier with Jewish bombings (think King David Hotel) and assassinations (think Count Bernadotte) in Palestine.  Now begins the age of beheadings with the rise of the Islamic State, itself the result of the US invasion of Iraq, subversion of Syria, and the brutal Israeli/US occupation of Palestine.  There’s much more of course…but just this quick however inadequate summary this morning.

This latest new age didn’t start really with Islamic radicals…they and their tactics are in fact more the result.

This latest new age really started with decades of US, UK and Israeli policies that have literally killed millions and destroyed countries.  More recently the American President, Pentagon, and CIA, have ordered assassinations, dismemberment, and incinerations by push-button drone bombings.  Couple this with what the Israelis have been doing to the imprisoned and besieged Palestinians for many years now.

The Islamic radicals do things so graphically.  The Americans and the Israelis try to mask their deeds with propaganda and disinformation warfare, even though what they do is of a far greater order of magnitude and even though it is they who have in fact created much of the radicalization in the Muslim and Arab worlds.