22 08 2014

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The U.S. must constantly have enemies to feed it’s voracious military-industrial complex and satisfy/appease the imperial neo-cons and liberal interventionists.  The U.S. must ever-more manipulate fear at home to keep the power elite, who interconnect with the military-industrial complex, empowered.

The communist bogey-man is gone as is Cold War I.  But the New Pearl Harbor came with 9/11 and the US has again been at hot war ever since, while further ratcheting up fear at home.   In Iraq it was non-existent weapons of mass destruction.  In Afghanistan the Taliban.  In Lebanon it is Hezbollah and in Palestine Hamas and in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood.  In Ukraine it’s Putin.  And in the Pacific it’s China.   A few year ago it was Qaddafi justifying “humanitarian” intervention that lead to the destruction of that country.  Last year in Syria it was chemical weapons with Obama ready to pull the trigger until the British Parliament’s unprecedented no vote.

Reality and propaganda have grown more divergent over the years; plus there is today a new multimedia world thanks to the internet and international non-US cable TV news.   As a result more and more people are aware that in nearly all cases enumerated above it is the Americans themselves who were/are the aggressors, the coup creators, the arms merchants, the oil barons.   In many if not most cases the Americans were allied with, arming/financing in fact, many of the very military groups the U.S. then proclaimed to be the new enemies!

After decades now of massive lies and incessant propaganda at home, not to mention the killing and maiming of literally millions of Muslims and Arabs and the destruction of whole cities and countries, now arises the Islamic State abroad.

Now the U.S. is entering the next phase of the unending war against an enemy it helped create, fund, and arm, as in fact it did Bin-Laden and al-Qaeda years ago.

Now a President so weak and discredited and confused as Obama, who is also facing a potentially disastrous mid-term in November, has been maneuvered into leading the Neo-con-Zionist inspired charge against the Islamic State “cancer”…and the bombs and drones are going to escalate again from Iraq to Syria and beyond…as will the kidnappings, the suiciders, the be-headings, and the escalating fears in the “homeland”.