25 08 2014

A few years ago Obama’s Presidential opponent was singing “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Iran” to an old Beach Boys tune.   That bombing campaign is the one Obama has held back…but mostly because of Iranian Strength and counter-weaponry…and only so far.

The Israelis are bomb, bomb, bombing Gaza all with Obama supplied weapons, money, and support.

A few years ago Obama and NATO carried out a long bombing campaign in Libya — and just look at the country today.

Last year Obama was about to start bombing Syria to bring down the Baath-Assad regime long in control there…after fomenting the Syrian civil war but not winning.

Earlier this year the U.S. fomented a putsch in Kiev installing a right-wing neo-fascist regime there which is now bombing/destroying the major cities of eastern Ukraine with US/NATO weapons, money, and support.

Earlier this month Obama started bombing again in Iraq this time to protect the US-sponsored regimes in Baghdad and Kurdistan.

Now Obama is about to bomb in Syria, this time to attack the Islamic forces who our allies were for years financing and arming to bring down Assad and who now have many captured U.S. weapons.

And all along Obama has been expanding the Drone bombings from Yemen to Pakistan and Afghanistan and beyond…even ordering as no President before him the extrajudicial killing of American citizens and family members.

Beyond his smooth but tarnished rhetoric, and whatever his past values as a community organizer and Constitutional Law Professor, Obama has in fact been neo-conned…more on that tomorrow.