OBAMA Trapped

1 09 2014


When it comes to the Middle East and foreign policy, Obama was always in over his head.   Now he’s cornered by the neo-cons and their cousins, the liberal-interventionists, as he is being forced to further expand the Middle East wars.  The Israelis are delighted with Obama backed into a corner. The Saudis as well are pushing hard for US bombing to now expand into Syria and beyond, preparing the way down the road for Iran…but that may have to await the next President and/or the next 9/11.

“This menace must be confronted!  I will seek authorization for the use of force from the American peoples’ representatives in Congress.”

That was Obama with VP Biden at his side speaking to the nation from the White House exactly a year ago yesterday.   Then he was preparing to bomb the Syrian Baath regime, a la what he had done in Libya to the Qaddafi regime a few years before.  But then, the British Parliament having screamed NO and with the U.S. Congress about to do the same, Obama held off.

Now, such a long year later, Obama is about to unleash the bombs over Syria, with symbolic British and French military help, and with considerable Saudi and Israeli covert involvement.  No votes in the Parliament or Congress this time — the new Islamic State enemy is now the bogeyman even though it is in fact an outgrowth of prior US policies and fighting with captured U.S. weapons.    Remember as well how it was US, Israeli, and allied Arab dictator policies that brought about in years past Hezbollah, Hamas, al-Qaeda, as well as what is happening today from Libya to Bahrain to Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Pakistan.